Classes/Events & Registration

Welcome to our classes and registration page.  Check out our fun, educational, wide range of activities, designed with you in mind!   We look forward to seeing you at the Susi Q.

  1. Refresh your browser. We continue to update our catalog.
  2. Use the “>” Arrow to see a full course description and review our terms/conditions.
  3. IMPORTANT: We offer three kinds of programming:  1) In-person only; 2) Zoom only; 3) Zoom and in-person.  These choices are clearly indicated in the catalog descriptions.
  4. IMPORTANT: We urge everyone who returns to the Susi Q to be vaccinated, and we will be following all safety protocols and guidelines set forth by the City.
  5. NOTE: Registration closes the day before the start of a one-time class or courses that have a learning curve.  With other multi-week courses, we often reduce the fee in midterm, but we do not offer refunds.
  6. CONFIRMATION: With each registration, you will receive a confirmation email followed by a reminder email before your class.  If you see you have made an error, please forward your confirmation by email to the Registrar with a brief note to explain.

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