Legacy Ball Fundraiser

Legacy Ball Fundraiser

Our annual Legacy Ball is a glorious evening of good company, generosity, and gratitude.
Our guests help us raise one-quarter of our yearly budget and celebrate those who
receive our Legacy Award for exceptional and enduring service to the community.

Our Legacy Ball 2023 Fundraiser was a Grand Success

We rolled out the red carpet and danced, dined and celebrated our generous donors, friends and neighbors, sponsors, local firefighters and volunteers who continue to inspire us daily in support of our mission and way forward. With special honors to this year’s Legacy Award recipient’s Tina & Warren Haines, and Cornerstone Award recipient U.S. Bank Foundation for their legacy of philanthropy and enduring service to the community. Enjoy these highlights!

At the Susi Q, we are inspired by the importance of “making friends with time” and “meeting the challenges that can come with time.” And we love the idea of “living it up!”  Those interconnected values explain why our annual Legacy Ball is so meaningful and so much fun.  Our next gala will be on Saturday, April 6, 2024. We’ll keep you updated here, in our Living It Up newsletter, and on social media . Until then, we’ll see you at the Susi Q!

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