President’s Message

President's Message

I am excited and honored to fill the role of President of Laguna Beach Seniors’ Board of Directors.

As I reflect on the past few years, the pandemic has shown us just how resilient and adaptable we can be when change is needed. We quickly embraced Zoom technology to communicate and stay connected with our seniors. And today, there’s no going back.

In the year ahead, we have plans to expand our outreach even further. Our new state-of-the art video conferencing will offer greater accessibility to all of our services, programs and classes, keeping participants connected whether they’re at home or at the Susi Q. In addition, a responsive and cell-phone friendly website upgrade will enhance the overall user experience. Our goal is to position the Susi Q as a way to access the best of Laguna for the active 50-plus crowd. I look forward to a year of positive change that offers new opportunities for enrichment and acts as a catalyst for a better life.

Renae Hinchey,
President, Board of Directors

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