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Become A Volunteer

Our volunteers are trained and supervised community members who help Lifelong Laguna operate more effectively and efficiently. They are the heart of our innovative “aging-in-place” initiative that goes beyond the walls of the Susi Q to help our friends and neighbors live safely at home, in the hometown we love.

Activities of Lifelong Laguna Volunteers

  • Lifelong Laguna is a program of Laguna Beach Seniors, and operates as a Service Enterprise. This means Volunteers are at the core of the program operations on all fronts.
  • Building relationships – It’s not just what you know, but who you are that makes a difference.
  • Practical, social, fun, interactive – Phone calls, friendly visits, outings such as shopping or hobbies, light organization, or technology assistance may be examples of activities you can do for the Member.
  • The Member will direct your activity based on their needs through communication with the staff at the Susi Q.
  • The Susi Q is always an environment for socialization for Lifelong Laguna Members & Volunteers.
  • We ask our volunteers to maintain the confidentiality of the program as Lifelong Laguna promotes confidentiality to respect members’ privacy.

Requirements and Time Commitment

  • Attend Volunteer Orientation and Training
  • Complete paperwork including background check
  • Meet monthly for Volunteer Round-Ups, log hours, and provide recap of interactions
  • Expectation of a minimum of one year commitment, 4-6 hours/month
If interested in becoming a Lifelong Laguna Volunteer, contact Rickie Redman, Director of Aging in Place Services,
at 949-715-8107.

Deb Naude Shares Her Enriching Volunteer Experience

“We live in a town of wonderfully talented, experienced, and inspiring people. Our seniors are a vital part of our community. Although some may no longer be able to get out and about, their stories, memories, and perspectives on living in Laguna Beach are absolute gems. The opportunity to work as a volunteer with Lifelong Laguna is a huge gift to me and I am truly grateful to help and spend time with my older friends who are treasured elders in our community.”

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