LBS HOME: Courtney's Project

Meet Courtney. Even though she is blind in one eye, she is an independent-minded senior living alone in a cottage in the village. But was it a safe place to “age in place” in the town she loved? She knew it needed a handful of repairs and modifications which she couldn’t afford. So she turned to us for help.

Through the Laguna Beach Seniors Home Repair Program (LBS HOME for short), we installed grab bars, rounded handrails at the front and back entrances, and motion sensor lights in the hallway. We also made a minor roof repair and replaced some siding on the back of the home.

LBS HOME is a partnership with the City of Laguna Beach and Habitat for Humanity Orange County. The City funds up to $5,000 per project (no strings attached) while Habitat for Humanity OC completes the repairs. Laguna Beach Seniors serves as the Program Administrator and manages the confidential intake and referral into the program.

​How did Courtney like being the first project of LBS HOME? “It’s just great,” she says. “It’s amazing the resources we have in town and the help available. I feel safer at home, I am more confident, and feel good about aging in place.”

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