End-of-Life Planning and Care

End-of-Life Planning and Care

Rickie Redman has 14 years of experience working with seniors, including with Alzheimer’s Orange County, where she managed their Memories in Making art program and exhibition, and SCAN Health Plan, where she was a Volunteer Engagement Specialist.

With a passion for education and aging, Rickie creates personalized aging in place plans with older adults, while providing end-of-life planning and non-medical end-of-life care. Her educational offerings are rooted in the intersections of creativity, curiosity, self-reflection, and community. She provides practical tools and resources and an opportunity for people to contemplate aging and death so they can weave more intention into their life.

Rickie is an End-of-Life Practitioner having completed her certification with The HeartWay. She has a Bachelor of Arts with emphasis on Therapeutic Arts and is a certified instructor of Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies.

Read about Rickie in Stu News Laguna.

Director, Lifelong Laguna/Aging in Place Services
RickieR@thesusiq.org , (949) 715-8107

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