General Information

General Information

We are dedicated to using the Arts to attract audiences of all ages and to promoting our community as a great place to live, work, and visit. Through our Gallery Q, the Arts have become an integral part of our programs at the Susi Q where people’s emotional, mental, and spiritual health and vitality are achieved through creative artistic expressions.

Gallery Q aims to present an innovative exhibition program that complements our organization’s mission through providing opportunities for self-expression. Arts engagement widens and strengthens social bonds which also improve health.

Whereas Gallery Q was initially perceived to be an informal showcase for the art of Laguna’s 55 plus population, it has become much more during the past ten years, thanks to support of the Festival of Arts Foundation and a limited number of donors.

Five annual exhibitions are professionally managed and installed by Gallery Q Art Director Bill Atkins, a well-known Laguna artist.
Under the guidance of our Arts Advisory Council lead by Carole Zavala, and Arts Coordinator Judy Baker, we were able to develop policies that guide our work at the Gallery Q. ​

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