LBS HOME: Jeffrey's Project

Meet Jeffrey. Having easy access to his home was a problem: the stairs, deck, and landing were all on the verge of collapsing! Enter LBS HOME. Upon learning of the program, Jeffrey contacted Laguna Beach Seniors to discuss the safety hazards he and guests experienced on a daily basis. During a site visit to review the needed repairs, Program Administrator John Fay, MSG was warned to avoid specific areas of the deck which would have crumbled beneath his feet.

After his application was approved, Habitat for Humanity OC went to work replacing lumber, supporting beams, and stairs to the entry deck, and repaired a deteriorating garage frame and siding, The carpet was also stretched to eliminate trip hazards in the home, a minor yet intentional repair made to eliminate a common trip-and-fall hazard.

When asked about Jeffrey’s thoughts on the program and repairs, he said, “Why live in danger if you can make it safe?” Grateful to be a participant in the program, Jeffrey thanks Laguna Beach Seniors, Habitat for Humanity, and the City of Laguna Beach for making LBS HOME available for longtime seniors to access the help they need.

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